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Welcome to the Q-Consultation Developer Docs!

This documentation contains all technical documentation related to the setup, deployment, update and customization of your Q-Consultation application.

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Q-Consultation is a web application for online chat and video consultations. The app provides code to build a secure means to hold virtual private meetings and video calls and messaging across a multitude of use cases including telehealth, recruitment, social engagement, finance, online education, e-commerce, and more. The application is built on React JS and consists of three major parts: QuickBlox back-end and two web applications for Client and Provider.


Operating system compatibility:

  • Windows 10
  • macOS Mojave
  • Ubuntu LTS/Debian 9.x

Browser compatibility:

  • Chrome (Desktop & Mobile): 109+
  • Firefox (Desktop & Mobile): 109+
  • Safari (Desktop & Mobile): 16.3+
  • Opera (Desktop): 95+
  • Edge (Desktop): 109+

Please note that Q-Consultation may work on other browsers and operating systems, but these are not tested, not officially supported at this time.

Features list

Communication features:

  • Real-time Chat & Messaging
  • Video & audio calling
  • File sharing
  • Call recording
  • Camera Input selection
  • Private chat rooms
  • Screen Sharing

User Management features:

  • User authentication
  • Real-time customer queue
  • Virtual waiting & meeting rooms
  • Customer and provider profiles
  • Invitation sharing by link, email, & text
  • Capture user data, add, share, send notes, and share files
  • Appointment, message, and call history


Client application interface

Main screen
Waiting room
Video call

Provider application interface

Main screen
Video call

How to contribute

See more information at CONTRIBUTING


See the LICENSE file for licensing information.